“With tortured unflinching clarity… Basch charts the redemptive downfall of a small-town reverend...A compelling, smart, no-holds-barred story committed equally to verisimilitude and compassion.”  - Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"The Passion of Reverend Nash is one of those novels that's so wonderful you're afraid to recommend it because if your friends don't like it, you'll just pity them. Rachel Basch's story of a Congregational minister tested beyond her limits inspires that sort of devotion…Having violated every other taboo of polite conversation, serious novelists have finally dared to enter that most intimate realm of American life: spirituality." - Ron Charles, The Christian Science Monitor

“The richness of first-time novelist Basch’s aptly named story is more than just beginner’s luck. This is a beautifully written…tale about the healing powers of simple, everyday love.”   - Booklist

“Suffering – and healing – are powerfully depicted in Rachel Basch’s first novel… A story that pulses with tension and foreboding.”   - Hartford Courant  

"Readers will be delighted by Basch's flesh and blood characters, her beautifully structured chapters and her eloquent insights into both the alchemy of marriage and the hard moments that come with parental love. "  - Publishers Weekly

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