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For over 30 years, Rachel Basch has helped people of all ages master the craft of writing. Many have since published successfully and credit her classes and consulting for this achievement. Rachel offers several ways to work with her in order to start, improve, or polish your project.

Master Classes

These intimate workshops offer experienced fiction and nonfiction writers an opportunity to share and improve their works in progress.

How it works: Participants send their work to the group prior to meeting. Rachel provides detailed written commentary on each manuscript and helps you and your classmates grow as writers, readers, and editors.

What students say: “Rachel belongs to an incredibly rare tribe. She is a great writer, a dedicated editor, and possibly the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve never had another teacher immerse herself in her students’ writing the way that Rachel did. She provides deep insight and develops her students’ intellectual lives and writing. I owe her a great deal.”

Generative Workshops

Join Rachel and Baron Wormser for a weekend workshop focused on close reading and generating new fiction and nonfiction. These workshops are for anyone interested in growing as a writer.

How it works: Rachel and Baron curate short stories and essays to use as writing prompts, as a way for writers to to connect with their own creativity through literature. Throughout the weekend, you’ll dive deeply into these readings and then write with the work in mind.

What students say: “The weekend writing workshop was perfect. I accessed so much of my ‘self’ in there and felt an excitement for writing that I haven’t felt in a while. I completely and wholeheartedly give that credit to [Rachel and Baron].”

One-to-One Mentoring & Consultation

Rachel also offers individual mentoring to writers, as well as developmental editing and manuscript consultation. Whether you have completed a book or are stalled in the midst of a writing project, Rachel can provide the help you seek. Her goal is to tailor her editorial capabilities to your creative needs.

What clients say: “Rachel’s feedback was invaluable. It was insightful and quite detailed. She identified my strengths as well as my weaknesses in a way that made me want to keep writing. She discovered themes and subtexts in my work (often before I did), and that helped me quite a bit in my writing process.”

To learn more about any of these opportunities, contact Rachel today.